BC Košice III

Štúrova 27

The multifunctional complex Business Center Košice III. is a continuation of the successful project of Business Centre Košice II. Business Centre offers diverse functional uses of the premises, from rental apartments through administrative spaces, supermarket, restaurant to other retail units. Naturally, a sufficient number of parking spaces will be available for the residents and tenants as well as for the clients and customers.

  • Total building size7000 m2
  • Available size 60 - 1290 m2
  • Monthly rent from 9.70 €/m2
  • Service charges4.22 €/m2
  • Parking spacefrom 65 €/space
  • Client pays no commission

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Ing. Lucia Bojsová
Ing. Lucia Bojsová
Senior Consultant
Juraj Bronček, PhD.
Juraj Bronček, PhD.